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With our Wax Melting Pot, you can make your own combination of colours by mixing our standard colour bars giving a unique and personal touch to your wax seals. Which soldering iron can be used for the custom leather stamp? 1. Place an order on the website of a Custom Wax Seal after choosing from the suitable file options that you have (cdr / jpg, jpeg, png) & Wax Seal Stamp diameter. Acceptable artwork formats: pdf, jpg, png. Our Custom Wax Stamp is engraved with your artwork, all we require is a black and white image in PDF, AI, or EPS format. Once you get the hang of it, move over to your stamp. Our professional graphic designers will quickly prepare & deliver your order, as you created it, ready to advertise. To Order, use the order form above. You can use a charm, a ring or an actual customized seal stamp.

When doing custom designs, logos, family crest, etc we use the wooden handle stamp as the head size has a bigger range. The standard design in this range is the alphabet in a classic font and can be viewed via this link. We have a wide range of Wax Seal and Custom Wax Seal which is made using highest quality material such as cloth and paper and having longer working life. If using a match, hold the match under the end of the stick, and as the stick gets hot, the wax will drip down, through the flame, onto the paper. Hold the spoon over a candle until it melts. Our traditional wax recipes date back over 200 years. Kingswax Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned company that has been in the business of manufacturing premium wax products for over 15 years. Kingswax produces all of its wax products in-house with only North American sourced raw materials.

There are several methods of melting sealing wax: matches, torch lighter, regular lighter, alcohol lamp, spoon-over-candle-flame, spoon-with-melting pot, glue-gun, etc. We prefer to melt sealing wax directly from the stick using either a torch lighter or a common match. If using a torch lighter, aim the flame at the end of the stick, right over the area of your paper where you want the wax to drip. Once the bottle is coated, remove it from the wax and let the excess drip off. Let us know the colour for the 10 wax sticks. 10 x Sticks of sealing wax. If your project entails switching from one colour of wax to another, we also supply colourless sealing wax sticks to clean the applicator. We are wax seal manufacturer in India, wax seal stamp manufacturer in mumbai, Sealing wax supplier in mumbai, custom wax seal manufacturer in mumbai, Rubber stamp manufacturer in mumbai.

You can now get a Wax Seal Stamp of your own design/ initials/ logo! All wrapped gifts come with a black wax seal bearing the Z logo to fasten the ribbon on your gift. With thousands of free logo design templates available in our online store, it’s simple to find the best law symbol for your law firm name-brand. Therefore, a combination of words, images and keepsakes are the best option for your time capsule. Usually it’s best for white space between lines to follow this rule as well. Your design should consist of black lines and shapes. Black lines are engraved in, thus will be embossed in your ‘wax’ seal. This high-end black stock expresses both eco-friendly and luxury finish. Be sure to check out our custom order process for guidelines and tips on submitting artwork for your custom wax stamp, as well as information on the entire process from start to finish!

Your design needs to be high resolution and non-blurry for it to have a quality finish and look. Logos to be provided in vector format (prefered) or a high-resolution jpg in B&W at a minimum of 300 DPI.Low quality artwork may incur an additional charge. Need Extra PSD Photoshop and Illustrator Vector file? Our graphic designers created high-resolution vector logos to choose an online catalog. 1 x Oval Shape Wax Melting Pot. We do not supply or retail mass produced symbols or letters for wax seals but concentrate rather on custom made ones designed for specific purposes. We specialize in the production of bottle dipping wax, flexible wax sticks, breakable wax sticks, custom wax seals and custom brass stamps. The wax seals made with these wax stamps will be slightly larger. We Craft Metallic Wax Seals As Well As ‘Cookie’ Stamps And ‘Pottery’ Stamps. 12. Increase the set temperature and stamping time, if the foil is not printed well on the leather. If you use a flash drive, try to seal it very well inside of a plastic bag or smaller container to protect it.

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